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The year was 1971.

“I parked my 57 Chevy and took a taxi to the mall in Portland to find her. I had suicidal tendencies... I had the suitcase with flares like dynamite, and I was going to force her to go with me, no matter which way you look at it.”

However, she was already on her way back to Seattle. His next plan? To get ahead of her. He hops back in the cab, speeds to the airport and purchases a one-way ticket to Seattle under the alias "Dan Cooper". Onboard the plane with his suitcase in hand, things take a wild turn...

D.B. Cooper is first and only person to hijack an airline jet and get away. Thousands have claimed credit for the crime, ushering in waves of investigative scrutiny and public interest. Although the FBI officially closed the case in 2016, it still remains UNSOLVED.

I Am D.B Cooper tells the real-life odyssey of Rodney Bonnefield - a lifelong criminal who confesses to the legendary crime after being bailed out of jail on an unrelated aggravated assault charge. This hybrid documentary intertwines the cinematic retelling of Rodney Bonnefield’s story, re-tracing the steps he took to successfully pull off and get away with the first plane heist in commercial aviation history.

Rodney Bonnefield

Two unsuspecting Seattle bounty hunters stumbled upon Rodney Bonnefield, a lifelong criminal claiming to be D.B. Cooper.

Skeptical, they asked for more of the story. And Rodney delivered.

This feature-length documentary follows Rodney Bonnefield aka D.B. Cooper through his retelling of his life, the fateful night he jumped out of the plane, and why he wants his story told now.  

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“A bold statement for independent filmmaking.”

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